Sentiment analysis with Sentiment140

Here’s an interesting tool for you to check out: Sentiment140 twitter sentiment analysis tool.Made by 3 Stanford University students, Sentiment140 employs the latest in machine learning and natural language processing techniques to analyze the sentiment of tweets on a particular keyword or topic.  That is, it will analyze large quantities of Twitter data on the term you type into it, and give you back a statistic, either positive or negative, on that term depending on the Twitter data it obtained.  There are other services doing sentiment analysis out there, often together with a larger package for social media monitoring, but Sentiment140’s implementation is a little unique, as described in their whitepaper.  For example, while Sentiment140’s solution uses several machine learning algorithms to gain greater and greater accuracy over time, similar services like Twitrratr use a different implementation that focuses on a list of keywords that have been designated as being either positive or negative.

Their entire implementation is done using cloud computing – they use Amazon EC2 for the hosting, and various Google services and APIs to arrange and visualize their data.  Being the academics they are, the team is gracious enough to provide an API for would-be developres to tap into their system and integrate it with their own applications (I’m looking at you, market research companies!).

Sentiment140 also has a premium subscription service called Sentiment140 Alerts.  For a very modest $18/month, users can receive notifications to their email inbox, SMS, or via voice when a largely negative sentiment is detected for a particular keywords – useful for those monitoring a particular brand, or making sure their service is running smoothly.

We’re hoping to have the Sentiment140 team do an interview or guest blog for us soon.